Bansari Means “Flute” in the Hindi Language

A Bansari is a side-blown flute traditionally created from a single hollow shaft of bamboo that is between 12 inches and 30 inches in length and the thickness of a human thumb. It has six or seven finger holes. This instrument is often used in Hindustani classical music.

Admired as the most beautiful birds in the world, peacocks are the ultimate symbol of ethereal love and attraction. They are beloved because of their naive playfulness and mesmerizing colors that illustrate a sense of beauty in innocence. A feather from a peacock’s tail is widely thought to bring good luck.

Why Come to Bansari?

Our consistency when it comes to quality and flavor is the reason why customers keep coming back for more. We also continuously experiment with new dishes and keep a high standard when it comes to customer service. Not only that, but our contemporary interior infused with a touch of the traditional allows our customers to experience Indian culture while enjoying our culinary delights.

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About Our Chef

What’s the secret to our delicious Indian dishes? It’s our master chef, of course.

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Chef Deepak Sarin

Chef Deepak Sarin has vast experience working in top-rated Indian restaurants in DC, having been a part of the kitchen team in places such as Rasika, Bombay Tandoor in Tysons, and Punjabi by Nature. He's inspired by his mother's Punjabi cooking and has been in this career for over 30 years. He has also worked in Mumbai as well as on Star Cruises, a leading cruise line in the Asia Pacific region.

Apart from his experiences, Chef Deepak Sarin is also a master at creating distinct curries that are perfectly matched with the other ingredients in any given dish. He has also created his own signature spice blend, which we are proud to use as our house blend. His experience in Indian cuisine allows our customers to enjoy authentic Indian food like no other.